Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anxious Waiting!!!

Well, July 3 came and went with no news on an EP for our little guy.  I was bummed and knew with the 4th that we probably wouldn't hear anything then.  I did stay very close to my phone and all info on the FB groups I am in and didn't see anything until a little while ago.  Really good news!!!  So excited and anxious, but it appears we should get a call tomorrow about his EP being submitted because batch 5 for Eastern was submitted on July 3 (like I thought it would be).  It is happening - really happening!!!  Unbelievable!!!  I just cannot express how excited I am for the phone to ring.  What a wonderful 4th of July!  Now I get to glue myself to my phone and wait for it to ring (come on phone, ring, ring, ring)!!!  The really cool thing is that if all goes as it should we will get to leave and return before school starts (which would be huge for our childcare situation with our other 2 kids)!  Either way, childcare has been taken care of by my husband's amazing family (thank you so much).  We don't know what we would do without you guys (you are awesome).

Will post again once the EP call has been made (hopefully tomorrow)...  :-)

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