Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Very sad at the Moment...

So, the agency our little Jacob is with did a Webinar tonight and we found out some very interesting things.  For one, that our wait is going to be 14 months from acceptance of referral (our acceptance was June 30 so basically around August or September he can come home if nothing changes in South Korea - so he will be over 2 years old, this news stinks).  A second thing I learned was that I shouldn't try to learn Korean to be able to speak to Jacob (just basic words will do since I don't look like a Korean according to the agency - this would confuse him since he wouldn't expect someone looking like me to talk like him). 
On another note, they really pushed what they call cocooning (which terrifies me since I didn't even do this with my biological children).  Basically retreating to our house with him for 3-6 months with nobody else ever holding Jacob or giving him a gift except me and my husband - this includes Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents and friends (this should be fun to convey to family and I'm not sure how sold I am on this whole process - we'll just have to see what kind of child Jacob is - the one size fits all mold has never appealed to me).
Another interesting fact is that Jacob will have never been told no except if he was going to touch a hot stove.  It is an insult to the foster mom's care if the child ever crys, so he will have never been given a chance to console himself for anything (this is a fun fact in itself - nothing like a child expecting to get his way everytime he crys).
On a good note, the information on food was very helpful and what our trip experience will be like.  All I know is that God can change the time line no matter what they said tonight (I haven't lost hope that he will be home before his 2nd birthday).  I also rest in the fact that when he arrives it will be in God's perfect timing (there is always a reason for all things).  We just can't wait to get him home and praying he is well loved tonight.  We did find out that we can send multiple care packages (which excites me to no end - getting his next package prepared as I write this). 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chopping it Off for Jacob

One of our dear friends, Karen Kramer, has offered to do a new twist on locks of love for our little Jacob.  She has offered to cut off 1 inch of her very long hair for every $100 donated to help bring him home from South Korea.  $1, $5, and $10 add up so please donate even the smallest amount.  I have added her chip in for this event to the right of our blog.  Believe she said she has 15 inches and will go really short if enough is raised.  This is such a sweet thing for her to do - thanks Karen!

Karen with her kiddos!