Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall and Halloween (8 weeks home)!

Well, Jacob has had a blast enjoying TN fall weather!  Our family has visited 2 pumpkin patches and had a wonderful time the other night enjoying Halloween.  He really loved the idea of going to someone's house and saying "Trick-or-treat" to get a treat (didn't take long to figure that one out).  :-)
I believe his favorite thing at the pumpkin patch was the farm animals (he really has a love of animals).  All is going well here - he is starting to really trust me and my husband by sitting in out laps to watch TV and even sometimes crawling up on my chest to rest (this is huge).  He is overall continuing to adjust well.
I had an interesting encounter the other day.  An older gentleman was at my daughter's art class waiting on his grand-daughter and Jacob decided to interact with him.  The man really enjoyed playing with Jacob and when we were ready to leave I went over to have Jacob tell him Thank you and Bye.  The man proceeded to tell me that he had been silly enough to think so many years ago he was saving his grand-daughter and what she did for him was save him.  I thought that was odd and began to wonder if his grand-daughter was adopted too.  Sure enough, the little girl that came out of art class was Asian.  You just never know who God will put in your path and for what reason, but his statement really encouraged me that maybe others who have praised us for helping Jacob will see that Jacob is as much a blessing to us too.  He is my miracle number 3!
On that note, below are some new pictures from the past few weeks (enjoy)!!!
With his Aunt Amy and Uncle Jay's goats

 Walking with Papa Earl

 Papa Earl under all my kids

 Grain bins are fun!

Photo moment at Walden Farm

Checking out the baby pigs

Loved the animals

 Running through the pumpkin patch

 Me with my kids


Annual trip with friends to Gentry Farm (it was so cold - can you tell)!

 Maze time

More grain bins

He loves chickens

Riding a riding tractor

 Time for a brotherly lightsaber battle

First smore - he loved, loved, loved it!

With their jack-o-laterns
 Ready to Trick-or-treat

Jacob as Captain America

Ready to go and get some treats

Enjoying all their treats!