Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lot's to Do...

So much to do - so little time to get it all done, I hope and pray...  :-)

As of now, I have all my gifts purchased, purchased necessities for Jacob's diaper bag (like diapers - something I haven't had to buy in a long time), thinking through childcare for our other 2 children, and finishing our travel plans.  Knowing me and my, "get it done attitude," I'll have our bags packed and ready to go for when that travel call comes.  I've already planned what we are going to do when we get there and when - can you tell I'm type A)...  Anyway, this is all very exciting and can't wait to go get our little guy.

Right now I'm trying to fill my days with enjoying my husband and my other 2 kids (just like we did with each new addition to our family).  We went to see Madagascar 3 as a family a few weeks ago (was so fun - both kids loved it) and my husband and I are going to try to get a weekend away soon (just the 2 of us - somewhere cheap but fun).  I've also been spending more 1 on 1 time with each child.  Like my daughter got her ears pierced recently and we went for a girls day out - so much fun!!!  My son and I went to Chuckee Cheese for his day out and a few weeks ago me and both kids went to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda.  So many memories.

With the addition of a new little one, it is always a worry will I still get out and about like I did before?  I may be just too positive, but I really think Jacob will just learn to go with the flow.  Like someone told me, if I let 1 child keep me inside, then 2 would do the same - but that isn't how I'm wired (I have to get out and about).  When I went from 1 to 2 my mom kept telling me, "Now you won't go anywhere anymore - things are about to change."  Guess what, I learned how to get around with 2 within a week - no problems (and that was after a c-section).  So, yes, 3 will be different and I'm trying to figure it out already.  We will survive - we always have (you do what you have to do to get by daily).  I pray Jacob will not grieve too long and be a easy baby (please pray this with me).  I have 2 other children in school this fall - so he will have to at least get out with me to take them to school and to the grocery (we can't starve)...  :-)  I have a pack for him already that he can ride comfortably with me on my chest or back.

More to come - can't wait till we get the approval call (Jacob - we are thinking about you daily and we love you so much).  God meant for you to be in our family and we can't wait to bring you home.

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