Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crazy stuff...

I am recovering still from the stone blast last Friday and my recovery has been much harder than I expected.  So I was basically out of commission all weekend no matter how much I wanted to get up and go. I was feeling anxious to get back at it as we had some late breaking family emergencies which broke down our childcare plans. We were excited that we finally got the call to come get Jacob, but stressing some over how to take care of the kidos while away.  That's when God, as he always does but still blows me away, showed up (in a BIG WAY)...  A dear friend of ours heard our plea for prayers and volunteered to help sort out and plan our childcare.  While she was doing that others were serving us by bringing food so we didn't have to cook during the worst part of my recovery. Amazing how Christ joins his body to get things done - I'm still truly amazed!  Bottom line, our kids will have great sitters while we are gone and we will have meals for weeks after we return.  Guess God had to find a way to get me to sit still and let him do his work (AMAZING)!!!  So in a few weeks, we will be off to pick little Jacob up - it is happening and I can't wait for this little guy to see all those who worked together to help us get him home (so humbling and so amazing).  He is already so loved by so many of you!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Finally!  TC while getting ready for stone blast.  More to come soon.  So happy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visa Interview!

What sweet words to hear this moring from Washington.  "Oh my goodness isnt he handsome!"  I instantly started to laugh and cry they see him!  His VI is tomorrow at 1 while I am recovering.  TC should come soon!  So So Happy it is happening!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still waiting

Well, we are still waiting on a travel call and a good thing we are.  Those kidney stones that should not bother me now are!  Thank goodness this happened here and not Korea.  So what does this mean for me.  Blasting Friday with a stint.  Fun times but atleast I will be stone free!  It has been a blessing we have not left.  I got a week with my daughter since our other son started PreK and next week will be my first week with no kids in 6 years since both kids will be in school then hopefully we will be going to get Jacob.  Good news I am feeling no pain and have not slowed down.  Jacob will have an amazing story of just how much his Mommy loved him and the lengths she went to to get him home.  Hang on baby Mommy is coming.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Really - More documents?

Good thing my husband and I were looking at his computer tonight - urgent e-mail came to his mailbox about us needing to sign and send back a document for the State Department that Korea requested concerning vaccinations for our little guy when he gets home.  Really, people - more documents!!!  Yuck - I'm definitely feeling the stress of waiting now.  Enough is enough - get us on a plane and let us bring our little guy home.  Please pray the call comes this week (would be so sweet)!!!  The kicker on that e-mail is that our social worker had been told to send all e-mails to me - due to my husband working so much that he sometimes doesn't see all the e-mails that are dealing with adoption (but I do).  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!  Oh well, God knows what is going on and why - we just pray that we will be on a plane this week or by the weekend by the latest (come on Travel Call)!
On side note - we were watching a documentary on the universe (since our daughter is interested in the solar system).  While watching it I pointed out South Korea on the Earth for our kids.  As the documentary continued it went further and further out into space (where you couldn't even see the Earth but just distant stars).  Our son began to cry and ask where Jacob was.  He was so worried that some how the documentary was real and Jacob disappeared!  It was so sad to see Mason cry (he was really upset) but so sweet to see how much he loves his brother he has never meet.  Can't wait to see these 2 become buddies!  Will be so sweet.
Come on TC - phone ring please this week!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 1 no TC. :-(

Was hoping to hear something from DC but all it has done is giving me an ulcer I think.  No news from DC which of course equals no TC.  This is just week 1 of 1 to 3 for a TC so we are praying hard for sooner.  We are ready lets get this going it has been a long wait!