Sunday, July 22, 2012

Preparing for Jacob's Arrival

Over the past little over 2 weeks, I've been preparing for Jacob's arrival.  The following has been accomplished:
-purchased a baby carrier
-purchased a new car seat cover
-packed his bag (diapers, clothes, wipes, snacks, etc)
-packed my bag for the trip
-purchase gifts for the trip (gifts for foster mom, gifts for foster mom's mom who lives with her, gifts for his social worker in Korea, and cards)
-get stuff together for our check-in bag
-finish up his welcome home (including his name on the wall like our other children)

Needless to say, I've been a busy, busy girl who can't wait to go and welcome him home...  Finally - we are almost there (not long now)...  Anyway, we as you will notice the chipin is gone on the side of our blog.  God came through once again with money we didn't know and was not suppose to be coming anytime soon.  No joke, money kind of appeared on our door step (just enough for finish paying for the trip).  He is so good to us - it has been unbelievable through this journey.

On another side note, my husband's family is amazing.  One of his sisters came down this weekend to give us a much needed break and allow me to do some last minute shopping before our trip.  The highlight of her being here was allowing me to take a much needed rest and get a date night with my husband (we haven't had one in a long time).  We also got a wonderful e-mail detailing how his family would love to do a welcome home party for Jacob in a few months (once he is use to us).  This party would be to introduce him to the family (they are going to have people bring food donations for the local food bank instead of gifts).  I cried and cried while reading this e-mail - just due to all the support and love from his family (it is amazing how they even love this little guy too).  Please continue to pray that we get wonderful EP approval news this week with a travel call not far to follow (pray before school starts)!  More to come soon.

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