Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy boy!

Such a sweet surprise!!!  New pictures of Jacob came via e-mail today and I couldn't be happier.  As you can see, he is smiling (he is so happy - it is so good to see).  You will also notice he is opening his last 2 care packages (1 of which is his birthday package).  Apparently he loves the snacks and the cars. 

I cannot wait to get him home and hug on him (really hope and pray he is a cuddle bug).  We also found out that he weighs 25 pounds and 32 and a half inches tall (he's growing and apparently a very busy little guy). 

We also found out that the latest round of EPs got approved today so hopefully, we will get an EP next week (if things go as they have been going).  If that happens, then it is possible we would get to travel in early August.  We will just have hope and pray this happens (which would be perfect - before school starts for our other kids).  That is our prayer now - I will be sad that it appears we won't get him home before his 2nd birthday, but right now I just want to get him home.  Jacob, we are coming to get you (we love you very much)!


  1. Thanks - he looked so happy in these pictures (was nice to see)!