Friday, July 24, 2015

Great News on Fundraising!

Drum roll please....
We have only $710 left to raise of the $6,000 we needed for bringing our sweet girl, Kaylee, home from South Korea (only 71 puzzle pieces remain)!  So amazing and humbling, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now onto where we are at in the process - I luckily follow a Facebook group that tracks everything in the adoption process in South Korea.  Unfortunately, it looks like we will not get to travel this year (we knew this might happen but I was hoping it wasn't the case).  As of now, our best guess for our first trip might be around February 2016.

So for now, we just pray and send care packages to our sweet baby girl.  She turns 2 August 5.  I did send her a birthday care package that was filled with snacks, a rain coat, cute kitty cat outfit, Lamby, a baby doll, etc (we can only send what fits in a gallon bag - and by now I have become an expert at packing a gallon bag, there's a science to it).  We also included a homemade card with our picture in it.  We just can't wait to get our sweet baby girl home.

We really appreciate is our agency in CO - AAC.  They have been wonderful about sending us updates and pictures almost monthly (which really helps with the huge wait).  I love the fact that they actually traveled in May to visit the kids and I got some precious precious videos of our sweet girl and tons of pictures.  Probably one of the sweetest things arrived the other day via e-mail - the outline of her little hand and foot (I know seems like nothing to most of you, but to me that just melted my heart).  Thanks so much for all the people working at AAC to help bring our baby home.  Hopefully Kaylee will be home soon!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Waiting on Korea

We have had some interesting road blocks along this journey this time, but the good news is that we finally got Kaylee's I-600A approved - Yippy, might have been a headache and a lot more paperwork, but we finally got the approval!!!  :-)
I know that to anyone not in the international Hague adoption process that means nothing, but in her journey that is a big deal (means she will automatically be a US Citizen when she steps on US soil)!  So exciting - now we wait on Korea to process her Exit Permit so we can then get a court date in Korea.

The process is so different this time around.  This time 2 trips and the initial trip will be before a Korean judge.  I pray everything from here on out goes very smooth.  We got some really sweet pics and videos from our placing agency this past month.  Was so cool to see her open one of our care packages and wearing clothing we have sent her!
The journey is becoming even more real - with my husband giving up his precious Honda Civic so we could get a Honda Odyssey and keep our other SUV so we have a backup family vehicle for 6!

Yes 6, that number scares me at times, but I just can't wait to hold my baby girl and I know with the Lord all will be good!  Not perfect - I know already with 5 we have up and down days, but the up outweighs the down and I wouldn't trade being mommy for anything.  Even on the hardest days when I'm having to explain to one of my kids why making bad choices is not the wisest thing, even when I'm tired, it is worth it!!!

Anyway, while we wait I have been busy fund raising and creating care packages.  So far we have sold t-shirts, had a Noonday sale, participated in a bake/craft sale for adoption in our community, and currently selling puzzle pieces ($10 a piece - your family's last name on the back of each piece purchased that will be displayed in her room - double sided glass and actual puzzle is below front pink area is actually her smiling sweet face, we just can't show it online until she is home).   Overall, we have raised appoximately $600 (which is awesome)!  If you would like to help bring Kaylee home, then please use the following link to contribute online - thanks so much for considering helping bring our sweet daughter home:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Exciting News...

We just thought Jacob was our last addition to our family... but I was wrong... :-)
Right when you think you have everything figured out, that's when exciting things happen.  As of Oct. of this past year we have a precious little girl waiting for us to bring her home from Korea.  Yes, we are going back to Korea - this time under the new adoption law, but so exciting.  God has blessed our family so much and I can't wait to hold my daughter for the first time hopefully this fall or winter!!!
Some would say, why continue to add to your family  It is hard to explain but when God moves in your heart to do something then as Nike says, "Just Do it!"  You won't regret following his lead - even though the road may not be easy, follow His will.
I cannot post pictures of our sweet daughter, but I will tell you she is a happy happy child.  Smiles all the time so we picked a fitting name for our angel - Kaylee (means Pure in Greek and Joy in Hebrew - she is Pure Joy).  Her name also honors my aunt who I never got to meet on my Mom's side and would only be 10 years older than me.  Her middle name will be Elizabeth, so Kaylee Elizabeth.
It is exciting and scary, but we couldn't be more joyful - yes, I am was almost out of children at home, but so exciting to get a blessing like Kaylee in our lives.  We can see God in every piece of Kaylee's story and our adoption and it is amazing!
Our kids are so excited too!!!  Rebekah can't wait to have a sister and is already telling me how to decorate their room - yes, they will share a room (Frozen theme).  Jacob and Mason are just excited to have another playmate.  So much to come, look forward to telling more of our story as we wait for Kaylee and become a family of 6. :-)