Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping busy

Okay - so I am getting a little nervous now about Jacob's exact date on coming home (especially while we wait to see when the exit permits will start up for this year).  To keep me occupied, I've been enjoying every minute with my family.  Just signed my youngest up for 3 and 4 year old soccer, signed my daughter up for swim lessons, and trying to plan a fun economical vacation (hopefully on a beach - not sure which one yet).  On top of that I stay busy with the local library board and am helping to plan our church's upcoming ladies' retreat.  Anyway, that's what is keeping me going.  Apparently busy is good for me - it doesn't allow my mind to wonder or worry.  As a family, we are loving playing board games and reading stories before bed (amazing how turning off the TV has encouraged some great family bonding time).  We are really having some great times these days and I am loving every minute of it (we are making some wonderful memories and I pray our children will remember these times as they grow).  We can't wait to add Jacob and we pray he will arrive soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bump in the Road

Really hoping that the latest news we are hearing is not going to effect Jacob's arrival in our family. Unfortunately for me, I heard this news on FB.  The post was stating that exit permits were on hold in South Korea.  If you don't know what an exit permit is it is what our little Jacob needs from South Korea to allow him to leave the country (and this is what all orphans are waiting on to get to their forever families).  Our agency confirmed this news today - but we still don't know what it means for Jacob's arrival home.  Please pray it does not delay him coming home - we are already very sad that he will probably be 2 by the time he joins our family.  Pray he stays healthy and continues to thrive and do really well and that his foster mom is working with him on who we are.  We feel so blessed to have her with him - especially since not all children waiting in South Korea are in foster care (he is very blessed to have her in his life and it is wonderful that he is living in a family until he can join his forever family).  We will definitely do something very special for her when we go to pick Jacob up (we can't wait to meet her - we pray for her daily too).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Care Package #3 - clothing for Jacob

I've had people ask me what I spend my time doing while we wait on bringing Jacob home.  I love creating care packages for him, living life as a family of 4, and finding ways to cut costs and living leaner.  I know I just created care package # 2 back in January, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to bless our little guy with some new clothes while he waits on us.  So, with a 30% off coupon in hand and already highly discounted items (70-80% off) - I did some shopping for Jacob.  I got some awesome deals (nothing like $3 shirts and pants plus an additional 30% off - YIPPY).  As you can see, we got Jacob some really nice shirts and pants and even a pair of pjs with monkeys (can't wait for him to get them - maybe he won't have to wear anymore girly items while he waits on us).  The question my husband kept asking was can all this fit in a gallon ziplock bag - I told him absolutely with the right squeezing out of air and patience.  I was right - it all fit but 1 shirt (which we'll save for him when he gets here).  Anyway, this was such a simple thing we could do and a great family activity (everyone picked items out - which was very sweet)!

That is all the clothing cleaned and ready to go into the ziplock bag and head to Korea!

In the bag and ready to ship!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Persistence Pays Off - Pictures

Okay, after being persistent, pictures of Jacob arrived via e-mail today (so very happy to see our little guy).  Here is one of the pictures they sent (as you can see, his scabies are healing very well - he looks so much better):
So, our little guy is now 18 months old and growing and thriving (such a blessing to hear for this Mommy so far away from him).  I pray he'll get his care package from us very soon so he can begin to learn our voices.  In the meantime, I'll start preparing his next care package.  I can't wait to hold him and let him know even though he wasn't physically with us we have thought and prayed for him every single day - just waiting to bring him home.  God knew who Jacob's parents and siblings would be and we can't wait to show him that he is very special to us in so many ways (so many prayers, so much love).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Update Minus Photos

So we did get an update last week, but the photos were missing (which was a bummer - so wanted to see his smiling face).  Anyway, we are just waiting and praying for Jacob each and every day.  We have heard that his scabies is healing with the treatment even though the hospital did take a biopsy of his arm (sure to confirm the scabies).  He is doing very well and his last update was that he weighs 26 pounds and is 30 inches tall and a very curious little guy. 

All we do now is wait - it hard at times, but God knows what he is doing and Jacob will arrive in his perfect timing.  I do wonder from time to time what raising two busy little boys and one precious little girl will look like.  It will be busier, but we'll figure everything out.  I do feel peace at this point in our journey of adoption and I'm trying to treasure life as a family of 4 while I can.  I have peace because I know who holds my hand and walks with me daily.  We have been facing hard situations during this journey, but we march onward and look upward.  Continue to pray for little Jacob that we can get him home soon and that his scabies will heal and he will grow and thrive.