Friday, July 27, 2012

Up and Down

Well, just when you think the ups and downs of adoption are over - it comes back in full force.  Yes, we are very, very close (I cannot complain about that).  I was just expecting to get his EP approval around June 25, 26, or 27 at the latest.  Appears all have come and gone with no approval :-(

Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed and trying to stay positive that this is almost over - just relax and trust God with it, he hasn't let me down yet!

On an up note, we got an awesome lady to assist us with travel once we know when we are going (she deals in mission trips and adoption - couldn't be happier with who we have, she comes highly recommended).  Such a blessing to find her! 

We did do some awesome shopping the last few days.  One thing we still needed was a large check-in bag for our flight so we can get his stuff home and take extra items and gifts.  I had been looking around but nothing stood out as an amazing deal.  When I got a 40% off e-mail off already reduced items from Stein Mart, I figured go see what they have.  As we walked in, there it was.  A large red rolling bag.  We got 75% off which made that bag less than $40 tax and all - yippy!!!  I have already started to pack the check in bag (whatever the hubby needs to pack is all that is left) - we are ready to leave!

Also, Jacob celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday - Happy Birthday little guy!  I am in party planning mode as we speak.  Already planning on what to get him once we arrive in Korea for both his birthday and Christmas (with a trip to Lotte World's big Toys R Us store).  It will not be a big party - just Mom, Dad, sister, and brother.  Following that in the next few months, two Welcome Home Jacob parties once he is comfortable with us (those should be exciting and fun - 1 will be an 80s party by our church and the other will be by my husband's awesome family)!

Anyway, guess I'm off to get my errands for the day finished.

UPDATE!!!  Just when I hit publish on this post....  EP APPROVED!!!  YIPPY!!!  We should leave for Korea in 1 to 3 weeks!!!!  We are coming to get you little guy...

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