Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We were blessed recently to have went on a wonderful vacation for a week.  It was so much fun for us all and a well needed rest.  We started our vacation with an Atlanta Braves game in GA then 3 nights in Daytona on the beach finishing up with 3 nights at Disney staying in the park.  The kids loved, loved, loved everything we did.  Jacob's most exciting thing was Mickey Mouse (his favorite character) selected him for the breakfast parade at Ohana.  He kept telling me that Mickey was his Mickey and smiling (it was precious).  Our daughter, Rebekah, (who is 6) rode Space Mountain.  She told me she thought it might be fun when she is 10, but for now she did not like the ride (oh well, Mom loved it-especially since it was redesigned, it is a great coaster)!   The kids also really enjoyed the giant Lego statues at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.  Mason really was excited about the legos and got another set of Spiderman legos while at Downtown Disney.  Was priceless seeing all 3 of our kids enjoying one another and having tons of fun.  Oh well, back to the real world (lots of laundry and stuff to put away now).  Till next year...  Below are some pictures from our trip.
 Braves game time

 Ice Cream break

 You jump first brother...

 Splash splash

 Our kids had this splash pad all to themselves most of our time in Daytona (they loved it)

 Playing on the beach

 Jacob really liked the sand

 Filling his bucket up

 All 3 kids having a great time at the beach

Family picture on the beach

 It's Lilo

Jacob's highlight of the entire vacation (Mickey with him in the parade)

 It's Mickey Mouse

 Haircut at Disney

 Riding It's a Small World (he loved it)

 Daddy with his little man

Daddy with his boys at the pool