Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy boy!

Such a sweet surprise!!!  New pictures of Jacob came via e-mail today and I couldn't be happier.  As you can see, he is smiling (he is so happy - it is so good to see).  You will also notice he is opening his last 2 care packages (1 of which is his birthday package).  Apparently he loves the snacks and the cars. 

I cannot wait to get him home and hug on him (really hope and pray he is a cuddle bug).  We also found out that he weighs 25 pounds and 32 and a half inches tall (he's growing and apparently a very busy little guy). 

We also found out that the latest round of EPs got approved today so hopefully, we will get an EP next week (if things go as they have been going).  If that happens, then it is possible we would get to travel in early August.  We will just have hope and pray this happens (which would be perfect - before school starts for our other kids).  That is our prayer now - I will be sad that it appears we won't get him home before his 2nd birthday, but right now I just want to get him home.  Jacob, we are coming to get you (we love you very much)!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

T-Shirts and other Stuff...

I finally found what I've been looking for while out with a friend the other night (and they were on sale)!  I had been wanting brother/sister shirts for our kids and below is what I found.  Yes, they don't match, but I wanted them to be different to represent each child individually.  I think they are so cute and can't wait to get a family picture with these on (hopefully in the next 90 days or sooner)...
I've also been continuing to cook Korean food and trying different Asian dishes.  One of the most interesting and fun (for me to even attempt) was making California Rolls (Sushi).  Check out my first attempt at doing this.  It turned out pretty good - everybody here loved them.  My daughter has been wanting it for lunch now everyday.
Anyway, still no update on our little guy and yesterday he turned 23 months old.  I'm really hoping to get a picture and update pretty soon.  And hopefully pretty soon we will have some EP news (I'm praying it will be July with travel in either August or September).  Won't be long now - Jacob we are coming, your family loves you!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


As you can see we are trying to complete raising funds to bring Jacob home with a ChipIn we posted (the remaining amount to complete the adoption and travel to pick our little guy up is about $8,000 - the original ChipIn I started was $8,000).  Anyway, some dear dear friends of ours blew us away today and presented us with a huge sum of money.  Wow - that is all I can say!!!  We are humbled and beyond knowing what to say other than THANK YOU sooooo much.  I am truly amazed daily how God knows our need and fills it.  It humbled me to remember who is in control - I have no doubt that God will help us finish getting the remaining funds together to get our little guy home.

We also found out that my husband got a pretty sweet bonus!  Now our $8,000 is down to only $5,000.  Still a pretty big sum, but God answered that prayer in just a few days (Wow, Wow, Wow)!!!  As I said, God amazes me daily how he fills our needs and knows what we need when we need it.  Can't wait to keep you posted on this - so exciting to see God at work!!! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Exciting news!!!  Lots of EPs were recently issued for children in South Korea.  From what I could tell, looks like we are getting very close to getting Jacob's EP too.  Can't wait and trying not to get my hopes up!  We are praying his EP (otherwise known as Exit Permit) will be issued in early July with us going to get him before school starts for our other kids in August (that's our prayer and God can answer it).  We are just so excited that Jacob should be home very very soon.  I will keep you posted, but looks like things are moving in Korea - it's a step closer to Jacob coming home!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Care Package

I e-mailed our social worker at Children's Home today and asked when I should send Jacob's birthday care package (since I finished it today) and if there was another update on him.  She e-mailed me back and said mail it as soon as possible and she would check on an update.  So, I am happy to report care package #6, otherwise known as the birthday care package, is now in the mail!  I can't wait till he can open it and really hope we are closing in on the last few care packages.  Jacob will celebrate his 2nd birthday on July 26.  The care package has some yummy snacks (as seen early on a post - apple sauce in a squeeze bottle with Mater on it, yogurt melts, and goldfish) plus some gifts and a birthday card and a birthday picture album I made.  Anyway, we send our love to our little man and know he will be home soon.

On a very cool note - our family has a funny thing with our birthdays.  Years ago I made a silly prayer as a young girl (very innocent prayer).  I prayed that it would be cool if I could share my birthday month with any daughters I might have and that whoever I married would share his birthday month with the sons we might have.  Guess what - funny, but God was listening loud and clear.  My daughter and I plus my mother-in-law all have birthdays in the same month.  My husband, our sons, and my father-in-law all share the same birthday month.  We didn't plan that - it has just been the way things has worked out and so cool.  Funny what God does sometimes and so sweet.  :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Love Love Love FB

Well, got a great blessing today!  After all the blog hoping I've been doing for months, I finally spoke to a high school friend who is also adopting an adorable little boy from South Korea.  She connected me to a Facebook group that allows parents of children at Eastern to see what everybody's wait times are until travel.  We will see if this will become a curse for me or not - I've got to remember I have 2 other children to enjoy before Jacob's arrival, but this is so good to have so I can see when families are traveling or when their exit permits are submitted.  I feel more like I am not flying blind now.

I have continued to test my Korean cooking skills and made more hoddeok (which turned out perfect this time) and japchae.  Japchae was really fun - the noodles resembled fiber optics before cooking and it was delicious.  My kids are loving everything new they are getting to try.