Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Boys' Room and More...

So, I finished the blanket for Jacob's bed.  It is too cute!  I stitched around each and every Lightning McQueen on that blanket.  The final product is below on his future bed next to my other son's Thomas themed bed.
I also got everything together today for Jacob's next care package.  The last item I was waiting on was an English/Korean version on "Guess How Much I Love You?"  We have always loved that book in this house and I thought it would be a great tool to help connect to Jacob once he is home (his foster mom can read the one I am sending and then we can read it together when he is home).

I am always excited to get new pictures of Jacob and today was even better.  We got 20 month old pictures of him pointing out his body parts and also sitting in a chair.  The funniest one is of him in a hat.  He does not look happy to be in the hat (just like my other son), but he looks great.  I love that his rash is gone - just check out the picture.  This is such a praise (his skin looks great).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Blanket for Jacob

After hearing that Jacob likes cars, I decided I knew exactly what type of blanket I would create for him.  I am a sewer/quilter and love making baby blankets for others and stuff for our family.  So, I was holding off until I knew what he likes.  I really want his blanket to be something he will feel secure with - like my Mason is with his Thomas blanket or my daughter is with her custom Princess quilt for her full bed.  I can't wait to start and finish so I can share the pictures.  The top is characters from the Cars movie with a backing of black and white finish line checks.  So, so cute!!! 
I know I talked earlier in this blog of moving the boys to the bigger guest/playroom and moving that room to the existing boys bedroom.  We will do this down the road, but after careful consideration, I believe it will be in their best interest to keep things as is for now.  Especially since our plan is to stay in that guest/playroom when Jacob arrives home until he is comfortable with his new bed and room.
So, hopefully next post will be a picture of his new blanket, bedroom, and the next care package (that would be care package #4).  So, time ticks on - at least 6 months or sooner before Jacob's arrival (so excited)!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another update!!! :-)

We received another update the other day that was very encouraging.  It detailed how they don't know exactly what Jacob had (which is a bummer, but are going to monitor him).  I was very happy to hear that there has not been any new spots and he has grown to 31.5 inches and weighs 24.2 lbs (apparently he is hitting a growth spurt). 
I was very very happy to read that he got his care package we sent back at the end of Jan.  His foster mom reported that she was liked that we sent him a car because he loves cars (that would have been the fire truck - if he loves cars, I can't wait till he gets the next care package we are getting ready to send).  Mason picked him out a little silver car plus a Cars sippy cup - the cool thing is that was before we knew he liked cars. It is sooo cool to hear what he likes and that him and my son share the same interest.  He will love his new room it is decorated in Cars characters (including the curtains).
We are waiting on pictures they are going to send of him getting his gifts - can't wait to post them.  I have been patiently waiting for pictures of him with his care package items.  This is such an answer to what might seem like a minor prayer, but it comforts me that he is getting his care packages and learning who we are.  That package had a book we made of the time since we knew he was our son to Jan. (pictures and all of us speaking - so he can learn our voices and see our faces).
On a last note, I did talk to the placing agency today to see what the hold on EPs did to our projected travel date (if anything).  She told me we are still on target for August to September.  That was such a blessing to hear, but we are still praying we will travel before our other kids start school!  As I have said before, I rest in the fact that Jacob will arrive when he is suppose too.  Continue to pray for our little guy - we can't wait to get him home!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Pictures

We just got an email with Jacob's 19 Month pictures.  Yes, these are a little late getting here (he turned 19 months on Feb 26), but I couldn't be happier than to see Jacob's smiling face.  As you can see, he is doing very well and is a happy boy (feels so good to see a smiling picture of my little guy).  We are waiting patiently on getting our little guy home (hopefully it won't be too long now)!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Great news!

Exit permits are being issued again!!!  Hopefully our travel will either remain the same or move on up (God can do anything - I pray everyday we'll travel before school starts for our other 2 children in the fall).  Anyway, we are so excited to see that Korea is starting to issue these very important documents again.  For now we wait and see when we'll get a travel call.
I am working on Jacob's 4th care package in the meantime.  This time I believe we'll send some more pictures, books, snacks, and maybe even a sippy cup (we'll see what I can come up with).  I do know I am going to have to send a new picture of me and his sister (we are getting our hair cut very soon).  I am also trying to get as much experience as I can with taking care of 3 children.  Adding a 3rd to our crew has been interesting, but also not very hard (I've heard people say that but I didn't know what they meant until I've had 3 to care for - it is really not all that different).  Now don't get me wrong, Jacob will have issues that other children do not (like leaving all he knows and understands - including his language).  Overall though, it has been encouraging to me (this Mommy cannot wait to hold and care for Jacob).  I will be so overjoyed to have all my children here with me.