Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012

Well, another Easter has come and went and as I watched all the kids egg hunting I realized that Jacob will be here to hunt next year.  Even though he is not here yet, I do have a basket waiting for him.  Easter is always so much fun at our house.  We boiled and decorated eggs and had our 3rd annual egg hunt on Good Friday for our friends (which has grown to 27+ kids).  We also made sure to discuss the real reason for the season with a cute snack craft the parents could do with their kids - Jesus' resurrection from the grave (can see a picture below):

Resurrection Snack/Craft (half donut is the grave, the vanilla wafer is the stone rolled away, and the graham cracker is the ground)

Most of our egg hunters - weather was great!

Easter was fun, but I can't wait to get Jacob home so he can enjoy all the fun his brother and sister are having.  His older brother started soccer and is having a blast while his sister is getting ready for her 2nd dance recital.  His sister is preparing to graduate Pre-K and will be entering Kindergarten in the fall while his brother will be entering Pre-K.  I know God knows when Jacob should arrive and I am starting to see that is the case.  Recently we had some issues with our daughter due to her allergy medication.  It had changed her personality.  It was a difficult time and I can't imagine having Jacob home and him dealing with grieving and also dealing with her issues at the same time (so thankful God made it clear that the medicine was not a good thing for our child and that I was paying attention to her change from the medicine).  We have took her off the medicine and she is herself again - so glad to see her smiling happy self again (we just have snotty nose - but that is better than an unhappy worried child).

I know God knows what He is doing and we trust Jacob is in good hands and well taken care of while we cannot care for him.  I do pray daily that he stays safe and sound and will arrive home soon.  I can't lie - it is scary at times when you see the recent events in Korea, but I pray God will surround Jacob and his foster family with protection and good health and also my husband and I when we do travel to pick Jacob up.  We would like to ask you to also join us in praying for Jacob arriving at a time when we don't have to worry about taking our other children out of school and for a means for them to stay here at our house (we believe we do have people setup for this, but continue to pray for this provision).  We are so thankful for all prayers and I love to have this blog to record my thoughts through this journey.