Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is coming...

So, Jacob experienced his first Thanksgiving.  He seemed to love the turkey but not much more than that.  For our family, we did our normal 1 day trip to see family then home.  The only new experience for us was that I cooked a huge breakfast like I do for Christmas.  I know, Thanksgiving-why are you cooking breakfast?  I figured if we fill up on the first meal of the day then we won't be so stuffed at the other meals like usual.  I believe it worked-we ate normal portions at our other meals and didn't feel so stuffed.  And, no we did not go black Friday shopping.  I perfer to shop via Amazon from my home-no line, no pushing, and no fuss.  :-)

Next day we got our Christmas lights and tree up and packages wrapped.  I like to have it all done so I can enjoy the holidays with no stress.  I will say this has been the earliest I have put the tree up and wrapped packages, but it felt good to know nothing but cards are left.

Jacob is also recovering from his first sickness (he got an ear infection).  No fun but we are getting through it.  So glad he has been well for 3 months and hope he's health continues to be so well.

We also got to recently help with our church's adoption Sunday this year and share some details of our journey with the body.  Looking back it was just a year ago when I found out our wait would be longer.  Now Jacob is here and doing great!  It is like he had always been here.  Can't wait till Christmas (this Mom has great plans for my kids' gift this year - believe they will love it).  More to come soon...

Enjoying his favorite outing - Sweet CeCe's

Playing with Thomas the train

Trip to Opry Mills - nothing like visiting the Rain Forest Cafe hippo

The kids with our new Christmas tree (they loved decorating it)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall and Halloween (8 weeks home)!

Well, Jacob has had a blast enjoying TN fall weather!  Our family has visited 2 pumpkin patches and had a wonderful time the other night enjoying Halloween.  He really loved the idea of going to someone's house and saying "Trick-or-treat" to get a treat (didn't take long to figure that one out).  :-)
I believe his favorite thing at the pumpkin patch was the farm animals (he really has a love of animals).  All is going well here - he is starting to really trust me and my husband by sitting in out laps to watch TV and even sometimes crawling up on my chest to rest (this is huge).  He is overall continuing to adjust well.
I had an interesting encounter the other day.  An older gentleman was at my daughter's art class waiting on his grand-daughter and Jacob decided to interact with him.  The man really enjoyed playing with Jacob and when we were ready to leave I went over to have Jacob tell him Thank you and Bye.  The man proceeded to tell me that he had been silly enough to think so many years ago he was saving his grand-daughter and what she did for him was save him.  I thought that was odd and began to wonder if his grand-daughter was adopted too.  Sure enough, the little girl that came out of art class was Asian.  You just never know who God will put in your path and for what reason, but his statement really encouraged me that maybe others who have praised us for helping Jacob will see that Jacob is as much a blessing to us too.  He is my miracle number 3!
On that note, below are some new pictures from the past few weeks (enjoy)!!!
With his Aunt Amy and Uncle Jay's goats

 Walking with Papa Earl

 Papa Earl under all my kids

 Grain bins are fun!

Photo moment at Walden Farm

Checking out the baby pigs

Loved the animals

 Running through the pumpkin patch

 Me with my kids


Annual trip with friends to Gentry Farm (it was so cold - can you tell)!

 Maze time

More grain bins

He loves chickens

Riding a riding tractor

 Time for a brotherly lightsaber battle

First smore - he loved, loved, loved it!

With their jack-o-laterns
 Ready to Trick-or-treat

Jacob as Captain America

Ready to go and get some treats

Enjoying all their treats!

Friday, October 19, 2012

6 weeks

Today marks 6 weeks home for Jacob.  He continues to amaze us with how well he is doing.  A few days ago he began allowing me to nap with him (was so sweet and a huge step).  He also began last night wanting to give hugs to me and Brian.  I know these things seem so simple but they are huge (it's like watching your baby take their first steps - so exciting)!  He knows his new name and can tell you where his brother and sister are and what their names are plus he is learning English by leaps and bonds.  He has really bonded with both siblings but especially his big brother now.  There is a special bond between the two of them.  Life is going great for us!  Jacob even went to vote with me yesterday-he slept through our entire little 15 minute wait to vote (wasn't bad at all).  Life is good-he is such a blessing to our family.  He is a special little guy!  Below are some recent pictures (enjoy)...
Playing at the lego table at Barnes and Noble

Nothing like voting


Going for a run

Helping decorate for Halloween/Fall (he is almost as big as our pumpkin guy)

Being silly with his brother

Getting ready to dig

Playing with friends at the park

Sliding with big sister

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1st Post Placement and Life as 5

Well, we are working on completing our 1st post placement documentation.  So far, I placed the pictures on the wrong type of paper (there was a specific form to put them on - so minor redo, thank goodness for Walgreens)!  Our visit with the social worker went very well - he stood off from her for awhile (his normal stance until he understands you are cool) then he began sharing his snacks and stickers with her.  Overall, post placement 1 is behind us and now we prepare for the one in November (round 2).
Almost 1 month home and we have been a busy busy family of 5.  I feel so fortunate that Jacob loves to go out.  He has been to a marriage conference, a women's retreat, birthday party, grocery, Chuckee Cheese, church, CBS, etc - he loves going. Which our family is always on the go - so he fits us so so well.
Yesterday was a huge milestone for him - he began giving me kisses and hugs freely and told me he loved me in Korean.  He loves, loves, loves his bed (and sleeps through the night-huge blessing)!!!  He had his first hair cut by Daddy last night - went very very well (he stood very still and let Daddy give him a great hair cut - check it out)!
His new hair cut - he loves it!
I know that the first birthday is huge in Korea (a Dohl).  As far as we know he didn't get to celebrate a traditional Dohl (with all the items laid out for him to select what his future might be) and we are going to have him a little one in a few weeks with just some really really close friends.  Yes, he is alittle over 2 now, but we didn't get to celebrate his 2nd birthday with him either (so this will be his birthday celebration/Dohl).   
I also have very sweet sister-in-laws who are putting together a welcome home Jacob party in November for both sides of our family and friends.  It will be a way for us to share our adoption journey with them and to meet Jacob.  I love the fact that there will be no gifts but instead food for a local food bank in that area.  We are planning on doing something like it here at home very soon for all our family and friends who helped bring Jacob home here in the 'Boro (hopefully an 80s party).  I could go on and on about the support and love from our church family (it has been truly amazing and moving to see the body work as it should).  We have had yummy meals that are still coming ever since we came home (which has been awesome and so so helpful) and my husband has been amazing helping me when he comes home after a long day at work (we tag team and get everyone in bed by 8:30 so we can have a mini date night at home almost every evening).  
Life as 5 has only been more laundry and more planning when going out (like I had all 3 at the grocery the other day - a little crazy, but so doable).  It hasn't really slowed us down.  We love our family and feel complete as 5!  Thank goodness the Lord saw to add Jacob to our crazy family.  He is such a blessing to us all - we love him so so much!!! 
Below are some recent photos and video (enjoy)!!!
Feeding himself
 Sleeping in his bed in his room with his big brother Mason

 Being silly with Rebekah

 Mommy playing with the kids with Lincoln Logs

 Mason and Jacob working on a tower

 Rebekah and Jacob working on spelling

 Daddy being silly with Jacob

3 baths ready for bed watching some last minute TV with Daddy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First week Home - family of 5!

Well, we have been a family of 5 for a little over 1 week now.  So far so good.  Jacob is adjusting better than expected.  He calls my husband and I the Korean names for Mom and Dad, he loves his siblings and the family dog, and he does not seem to be afraid of anything!  We have taken him to the grocery, church, and a marriage conference.  Jacob fits our family so well.  He loves cars, spicy food, and going out and about.  It is like he has been here forever. 

He is a sweet kind little boy with a big heart (loves sharing his snacks - he proved that when we arrived at the airport with wonderful friends to greet us.  He greeted them by handing out snacks to everyone present.  He has even been sleeping through the night (a few bumps trying to adjust with going to bed at crazy hours, but now we are on schedule.  He was a very lucky little boy who had a wonderful foster mom - she did an amazing job with him!

Our family has been trying to slowly get him adjusted.  We started by sleeping on the floor with him and now we all sleep together in our bed (for now).  Now, he is starting to get interested in his bed - the last 2 nights he has been laying there for 10 mins or so - he wants to be like big brother and big sister.  We ate on the floor until a few nights ago - as they do in Korea.  Now, he is at the table with the family.  He wasn't a big fan of the car seat to begin with but when he found out that you go places when you ride in that seat he is now a big fan.  He loves loves loves being outside (as you will see in the pictures below).  His diet hasn't changed much - still feeding him Korean with chop sticks (which seems to make him very happy).  We are trying to expose him to other foods, but so far just Korean or fruits and veggies (healthy little guy).

Overall, he is adjusting very well.  He is a healthy active little boy.  We are all so in love in with him - welcome to America Jacob! 

In his car seat - yes, it is purple, was big sister's (I will get a new cover soon).

 Riding his 4-wheeler that someone at Brian's work got him (he loves it)!

Him in his bed testing it out!

Going for a run outside!

Playing at the sand table with his brother and sister!

Stacking blocks with big brother!