Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am experiencing all kinds of emotions right now.  We are almost 2 weeks into Jacob's EP being submitted and we hope and pray that next Wed. we will hear his EP has been approved (that would be sweet news)!!!  At the latest, please let it be his 2nd birthday (what a birthday present for our little guy).  I'm really praying that he will have no stranger anxiety and will love us and except us as his parents (that would be amazing - and it does happen).

I am in shock too as to how this is all playing out.  After talking to a sweet friend last night who has a child who goes to a school in this area, they start around August 7.  Good news for us is that we don't start till August 20th (and it is a phase in week for Kindergarten) - in other words, appears that we will get to leave before school starts (which would take a lot off my mind). 

For now I am enjoying my other 2 kids before Jacob arrives.  Can't believe all that we are about to face - school for our daughter, preK for our son, and bringing Jacob home to his forever family (it's a lot - but we can't wait).  Please continue to pray for us as we become a family of 5.  We will have our little guy a private 2nd birthday party when he comes home (it will not have been that long hopefully since he turned 2).  Can't wait!!!

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