Monday, June 4, 2012

Love Love Love FB

Well, got a great blessing today!  After all the blog hoping I've been doing for months, I finally spoke to a high school friend who is also adopting an adorable little boy from South Korea.  She connected me to a Facebook group that allows parents of children at Eastern to see what everybody's wait times are until travel.  We will see if this will become a curse for me or not - I've got to remember I have 2 other children to enjoy before Jacob's arrival, but this is so good to have so I can see when families are traveling or when their exit permits are submitted.  I feel more like I am not flying blind now.

I have continued to test my Korean cooking skills and made more hoddeok (which turned out perfect this time) and japchae.  Japchae was really fun - the noodles resembled fiber optics before cooking and it was delicious.  My kids are loving everything new they are getting to try. 

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