Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Care Package

I e-mailed our social worker at Children's Home today and asked when I should send Jacob's birthday care package (since I finished it today) and if there was another update on him.  She e-mailed me back and said mail it as soon as possible and she would check on an update.  So, I am happy to report care package #6, otherwise known as the birthday care package, is now in the mail!  I can't wait till he can open it and really hope we are closing in on the last few care packages.  Jacob will celebrate his 2nd birthday on July 26.  The care package has some yummy snacks (as seen early on a post - apple sauce in a squeeze bottle with Mater on it, yogurt melts, and goldfish) plus some gifts and a birthday card and a birthday picture album I made.  Anyway, we send our love to our little man and know he will be home soon.

On a very cool note - our family has a funny thing with our birthdays.  Years ago I made a silly prayer as a young girl (very innocent prayer).  I prayed that it would be cool if I could share my birthday month with any daughters I might have and that whoever I married would share his birthday month with the sons we might have.  Guess what - funny, but God was listening loud and clear.  My daughter and I plus my mother-in-law all have birthdays in the same month.  My husband, our sons, and my father-in-law all share the same birthday month.  We didn't plan that - it has just been the way things has worked out and so cool.  Funny what God does sometimes and so sweet.  :-)

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