Sunday, June 17, 2012


As you can see we are trying to complete raising funds to bring Jacob home with a ChipIn we posted (the remaining amount to complete the adoption and travel to pick our little guy up is about $8,000 - the original ChipIn I started was $8,000).  Anyway, some dear dear friends of ours blew us away today and presented us with a huge sum of money.  Wow - that is all I can say!!!  We are humbled and beyond knowing what to say other than THANK YOU sooooo much.  I am truly amazed daily how God knows our need and fills it.  It humbled me to remember who is in control - I have no doubt that God will help us finish getting the remaining funds together to get our little guy home.

We also found out that my husband got a pretty sweet bonus!  Now our $8,000 is down to only $5,000.  Still a pretty big sum, but God answered that prayer in just a few days (Wow, Wow, Wow)!!!  As I said, God amazes me daily how he fills our needs and knows what we need when we need it.  Can't wait to keep you posted on this - so exciting to see God at work!!! 

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