Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snacks, Books, & More...

Care package #5 shipped today!  Below is a photo of the care package.  As you can see - we did send him a little car (Mason selected it).  He also got some PJs, a little baseball outfit, no skid socks, blueberry puffs, a Big Bird book on colors, a fun pirate book with Bert and Ernie, and freeze dried strawberries and bananas.  The package also includes a drawing by Rebekah of Jacob doing Taekwondo (sooo cute).
Guess the next care package will be a birthday package for our little guy.  This one will arrive close to when he turns 22 months.  I really pray and hope we have him home before his 2nd birthday, but that does not look like a reality (who knows, we'll see).

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