Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Care Package # 5

I'm currently working on care package #5 for Jacob.  This package so far includes: another little photo album, a pair of Cars' PJs, Car's socks, baseball outfit, baby snacks, and a little book.  I'm hoping to finish the package up with a toy of some kind (probably another little car).

We did order 2 night stands for the boys to replace the current changing table.  I finished getting them upstairs tonight, installed the drawer pulls, and decorated with Cars' stickers (they look great)!  Now we just need to anchor them to the wall to prevent injuries (that will be done tomorrow since Mason is a climber - didn't know these little night stands were so top heavy).

We also had some more redecorating to the boys' room today.  Mason told me yesterday he wanted Finn McMissle on his bed instead of Thomas the train.  I immediately told him, "No problem!"  He went with me today and picked out the fabric for his bed's blanket.  I then spent the evening making the blanket and removing the Thomas stickers from the bed and all Thomas pillow cases and sheets.  The room looks so good now.  It looked cute before, but now with all the Cars stuff in that room, it looks amazing!  I will post a picture as soon as my husband removes the changing table from the room.  So glad that Mason is starting to move on to other toys to play (Thomas was getting old around here).

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