Thursday, May 3, 2012

21 Month Update

Found a sweet surprise in my e-mail a few minutes ago.  A 21 month update of our little guy and some pictures of him with 2 of his care packages (they must have arrived very close together).  Made me smile to see he got all the stuff we have sent him and he seems to really like the spider man spoon we sent (he is holding it in the picture below):

Jacob with all his last 2 care packages (I don't think he knows what to think of all of it - seems to like the spoon the the Cars sippy cup, he is keeping those close by)
They also sent us his measurements.  Jacob is doing very well.  He now weighs 26 pounds and is 32 inches tall!  Our little man is getting bigger.  Can't wait till the next pictures - I'm sure the foster mom will dress him in some of his new clothes.  That will be so sweet to see!  So glad to get these pictures - it was good to smile and see his face again (we love you little man - we are coming to bring you home very soon)!

Also, as promised a new picture of our boys' bedroom (it is all Cars now)!  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  As you can see - Mason's bed is now all Finn McMissle as he requested.  He loves it!  Hope Jacob will love his bed as much as Mason loves his.  I'm sure the boys will outgrow their beds quickly (especially Mason). 

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