Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Care Package and Korean Cooking

We went shopping yesterday and got everything we needed for Jacob's Birthday Care Package (today he is 22 months old, so in just 2 more months he will be 2)!  I am very sad that it appears we won't have him here before his 2nd birthday, but at least he will have a birthday gift from us.  Check out the package below:
This is care package #6 for our little guy.  As you can see, his siblings picked out a red car that looks like Lightning McQueen for him, some snacks, birthday boy shirt, cheetah shirt, a red fish/blue fish birthday card, and a puzzle.  Yes - all that will fit in a gallon sized ziplock.  Plus we are putting a picture book together of us saying Happy Birthday through pictures (that is going to be fun to put together)!

I am still learning some Korean (especially since our agency sent us a list of common words) and as much as I can about their culture so we will be good ambassadors for the USA.  I am also beginning to learn to cook Korean food.  This morning, I cooked hoddeok.  I know it is typically a street vendor food, but it sounded yummy and looked like it would serve as breakfast for our family (since my children love pancakes).  Hoddeok is sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling.  They turned out really good and my kids loved them.
As you can see, my first few kind of broke open (still very yummy - but I was learning)

Final product!

Happy kids - success!!!

Not sure what I will try to cook next, but I want to continue to learn how to cook Korean food.  It will be a great way to help Jacob know where he came from and honor his heritage and maybe help him not be so home sick.  I do know hoddeok found a place in our house as a meal or a snack!



  1. I have been wanting to try making hoddeok too! It looks so yummy! Care packages can be so bittersweet. That puzzle is cute and looks like the perfect size!

  2. I didn't make it 100% homemade, but decided to try making a quick version using boxed pancake mix (the kind you just add water). If you do that, then just be sure to mix in enough flour to keep it from being runny and keep enough on your hands to roll and seal it once you put the filling in. Seemed to work just fine! Good luck! You are right - the care packages are bittersweet (love putting them together - feels like I'm doing something).