Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jacob's skin

So, we got an update on Jacob's rash (keep in mind this has been going on since Nov. 2011).  We were informed it couldn't be scabies.  I was resting better when they thought it was scabies.  The encouraging part of our update was that he is itching less and they have cut him back on his oral meds since the rash looks better.  The discouraging part is that they don't know what is up with his skin and it doesn't seem to be going away completely.  Please pray we can get him home to get this resolved soon - I really wonder if he isn't just allergic to something in his environment (soap, food, etc.).  So hard to sit here and know you can't do anything - except pray.  God is with him and will take care of him (I totally believe that and it is the only way I can rest with Jacob not being here with us).  Anyway, hopefully I will get some pictures soon - our little man will be 22 months old on the 26th (maybe he will be in some of the clothes we sent him).

On a good note, I did go shopping today for our little guy and got him a birthday onesie.  Guess that is the first item in his birthday package.  Trying to figure out what else we want to send.  I know his brother and sister want to fix him some homemade cards and they each want to select him a gift.  Maybe we can find a snack that tastes like birthday cake that we can send (that would be cool)...  :-)

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