Monday, January 23, 2012


I was gathering our tax documents over the weekend and stumbled across our approval documents for our I-600 and I-600A.  Imagine my horror when the expiration date on one of the forms was 2011 (we felt that document should read 2013 like our white form read).  Anyway, after worrying about this for 2 days and that this would hold up Jacob coming home I called our case worker and she assured me that all is okay (we are approved and the expiration is not until 2013 - which Jacob should be home way before then).  I can breath again!  Anyway, the ups and downs of this process is mind blowing and I am so glad all is okay paperwork wise (that was scary).

Anyway, hopefully we'll have a update sometime this week (Jacob turns 18 months old on the 26th).  Praying his rash is healing well and we'll get a wonderful photo soon.

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