Friday, January 20, 2012

Diagnosis Finally!!!

So we finally have a diagnosis of Jacob's skin rash.  He has scabies.  That diagnosis sounds horrible to some people, but to us it is a huge blessing - it is nothing serious (very treatable and that's all we care about).  We are just glad he should be healed in a few weeks and back to his normal self.  We are so thankful for so many things at this time.  We are thankful for all the prayers during this unsure time - it has kept us going each and every day.  It is hard to be the Mommy to a little guy you cannot comfort or care for.  We are also so thankful for Jacob's foster mom.  She is a huge blessing to not only Jacob but also to us.  We are on count down now (almost 8 months and Jacob will be coming home) - we can't wait.  Who knows, God may surprise us with bringing him home even sooner (never can tell).

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