Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Update Minus Photos

So we did get an update last week, but the photos were missing (which was a bummer - so wanted to see his smiling face).  Anyway, we are just waiting and praying for Jacob each and every day.  We have heard that his scabies is healing with the treatment even though the hospital did take a biopsy of his arm (sure to confirm the scabies).  He is doing very well and his last update was that he weighs 26 pounds and is 30 inches tall and a very curious little guy. 

All we do now is wait - it hard at times, but God knows what he is doing and Jacob will arrive in his perfect timing.  I do wonder from time to time what raising two busy little boys and one precious little girl will look like.  It will be busier, but we'll figure everything out.  I do feel peace at this point in our journey of adoption and I'm trying to treasure life as a family of 4 while I can.  I have peace because I know who holds my hand and walks with me daily.  We have been facing hard situations during this journey, but we march onward and look upward.  Continue to pray for little Jacob that we can get him home soon and that his scabies will heal and he will grow and thrive.

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