Friday, January 13, 2012

Care Package #2

Yippy!!!  I finally completed our 2nd Care Package for Jacob last night (the whole family was involved in this one).  In this package we put a Hallmark recordable photo book (a way to introduce him to not only our faces but our voices), disposable camera (which they recommend to send - guess the foster mom will take pictures for us to pickup later), a toy fire truck, a Percy the train, and a Mickey Mouse (the kids picked out the toys).  Anyway, I am so excited to send these to Jacob - it's the one way we can care for him here.  Now we will begin working on a 3rd care package (probably to be finished in the next 3 months).  Anyway, below is a picture of our care package - I'm so amazed at how much we can get in a gallon ziplock bag with squeezing (it is air tight).

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