Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Funds - What's Left...

I have this question from a lot from people - so how much is left to completely pay for your adoption?  For those of you out there adopting or thinking about it, what you owe is different based on domestic or international, country, and if you use a social worker or not.  So, in the country of South Korea the overall amount owed including travel and finalization of the adoption is...  Grand total please - close to $35,000.  Yes, the cost of a very nice new car!  Other countries are more and some are less.  Really depends on where you end up adopting from. 

Some people have asked us why South Korea.  I have had a heart for Asia for well over 11 years and always knew since then that adoption was on my mind (thinking God would lead us to China to a baby girl) - surprise, he lead us to South Korea to a boy (which is a very funny story and very much a God thing).  We knew when we looked at Jacob he was our son (hard to explain, but we knew - that's all I can say).  The funny thing is that Jacob looks very similar to my side of the family (to our son Mason and other family members on that side). 

Now back to the original question, how much is left?  We have paid for the bulk of the adoption (faxing, mailing, documents, agency fees, etc - I could go on and on) and have raised approximately $2000 (yard sale, t-shirts, and coffee).  What is remaining is our expenses for travel and and finalization.  So what is that amount you ask me - try alittle over $9,000 (I know, big amount - a good used car to most of us).  Anyway, now time to sharpen my skills at grant writing (there are a lot of grants, so surely we'll qualify for one - if nothing else, it would be nice if we get some monies to assist).  This has definitely been a test of faith for us and we know in the end all will be well (Jacob will be home with a Mom and a Dad and a brother and sister).  That's the good news.  We can't wait to see what God has in store for Jacob and our family.

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