Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 and the future

Well, we are a week into 2012 and wonder what is ahead of us for this coming year.  One thing that should happen is we should be traveling to South Korea at some point (probably late summer/early fall) to pickup Jacob.  I am still working on Jacob's next care package (I know - I've been working on it since Nov.).  As soon as am I done, I will post a picture and send it on to him.  Anyway, we are praying that 2012 will be the best year yet.
We have learned a lot it seems like from this adoption.  We are learning to live more lean and selling everything we have it seems.  Here are a few of the things we have changed - I have discovered shopping at Aldi and loving it - I save like 50% and we have so much more food now and I don't have to coupon clip (which I hate - just me, I can't stand having to clip coupons).  We are learning to eat at home for almost all our meals (eating out is a special occasion now).  We have dropped our cable to basic and learned the joys of Hulu and Netflix (cutting our TV viewing cost from $100+ to only $32).  We really question our purchases now and talk about if we really need them or not.  Just sold our Mercury Mountaineer - been like 7 years since we have only had 2 cars (next step will be turning my husband's gas drinking truck into a gas saving vehicle - but that might be months down the line).  It's funny, life is so much more simpler now then it was before and we are not missing anything.  If nothing else, we play more board games and spend more time together.  We are learning to lean more on God (which is a huge thing for me - since I am type A and want to try to fix everything myself - it never works when I try to do it without God). 
When I think about it, it seems so silly that there are price tags on these sweet children's heads (they need homes, but can't get one without a price being paid for them).  I believe that the initial pain we have felt of having to give up some of what we felt at one point in our lives as "comforts" will pay off in the end.  In the end, Jacob, will have a home - someone to call, Mommy and Daddy.  Someone to love him unconditionally.  We will have our 2nd son home and he will have a brother and a sister and wonderful aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who adore and love him.  Don't get me wrong, I understand things will be tough for a short season once he arrives home, but what addition to your family is not a transition?  With each child we have had it has been an adjustment, but we learn how to continue on.  Same will be true for Jacob.  We pray everyday that he will love us immediately and understand who we are, but at the same time I have to accept that he has someone he is bonding to and the smells and tastes of the food will all be different here - his life will be different (and that will take transition). 
On a final note, please continue to pray for Jacob's rash.  We will know shortly what the rash is and how they are going to treat it.  We did get good news that the rash has not spread but it is still there (pray it is nothing serious).

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