Monday, March 5, 2012

Great news!

Exit permits are being issued again!!!  Hopefully our travel will either remain the same or move on up (God can do anything - I pray everyday we'll travel before school starts for our other 2 children in the fall).  Anyway, we are so excited to see that Korea is starting to issue these very important documents again.  For now we wait and see when we'll get a travel call.
I am working on Jacob's 4th care package in the meantime.  This time I believe we'll send some more pictures, books, snacks, and maybe even a sippy cup (we'll see what I can come up with).  I do know I am going to have to send a new picture of me and his sister (we are getting our hair cut very soon).  I am also trying to get as much experience as I can with taking care of 3 children.  Adding a 3rd to our crew has been interesting, but also not very hard (I've heard people say that but I didn't know what they meant until I've had 3 to care for - it is really not all that different).  Now don't get me wrong, Jacob will have issues that other children do not (like leaving all he knows and understands - including his language).  Overall though, it has been encouraging to me (this Mommy cannot wait to hold and care for Jacob).  I will be so overjoyed to have all my children here with me.

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