Monday, March 26, 2012

Blanket for Jacob

After hearing that Jacob likes cars, I decided I knew exactly what type of blanket I would create for him.  I am a sewer/quilter and love making baby blankets for others and stuff for our family.  So, I was holding off until I knew what he likes.  I really want his blanket to be something he will feel secure with - like my Mason is with his Thomas blanket or my daughter is with her custom Princess quilt for her full bed.  I can't wait to start and finish so I can share the pictures.  The top is characters from the Cars movie with a backing of black and white finish line checks.  So, so cute!!! 
I know I talked earlier in this blog of moving the boys to the bigger guest/playroom and moving that room to the existing boys bedroom.  We will do this down the road, but after careful consideration, I believe it will be in their best interest to keep things as is for now.  Especially since our plan is to stay in that guest/playroom when Jacob arrives home until he is comfortable with his new bed and room.
So, hopefully next post will be a picture of his new blanket, bedroom, and the next care package (that would be care package #4).  So, time ticks on - at least 6 months or sooner before Jacob's arrival (so excited)!!!

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