Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Boys' Room and More...

So, I finished the blanket for Jacob's bed.  It is too cute!  I stitched around each and every Lightning McQueen on that blanket.  The final product is below on his future bed next to my other son's Thomas themed bed.
I also got everything together today for Jacob's next care package.  The last item I was waiting on was an English/Korean version on "Guess How Much I Love You?"  We have always loved that book in this house and I thought it would be a great tool to help connect to Jacob once he is home (his foster mom can read the one I am sending and then we can read it together when he is home).

I am always excited to get new pictures of Jacob and today was even better.  We got 20 month old pictures of him pointing out his body parts and also sitting in a chair.  The funniest one is of him in a hat.  He does not look happy to be in the hat (just like my other son), but he looks great.  I love that his rash is gone - just check out the picture.  This is such a praise (his skin looks great).

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