Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping busy

Okay - so I am getting a little nervous now about Jacob's exact date on coming home (especially while we wait to see when the exit permits will start up for this year).  To keep me occupied, I've been enjoying every minute with my family.  Just signed my youngest up for 3 and 4 year old soccer, signed my daughter up for swim lessons, and trying to plan a fun economical vacation (hopefully on a beach - not sure which one yet).  On top of that I stay busy with the local library board and am helping to plan our church's upcoming ladies' retreat.  Anyway, that's what is keeping me going.  Apparently busy is good for me - it doesn't allow my mind to wonder or worry.  As a family, we are loving playing board games and reading stories before bed (amazing how turning off the TV has encouraged some great family bonding time).  We are really having some great times these days and I am loving every minute of it (we are making some wonderful memories and I pray our children will remember these times as they grow).  We can't wait to add Jacob and we pray he will arrive soon.

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