Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another update!!! :-)

We received another update the other day that was very encouraging.  It detailed how they don't know exactly what Jacob had (which is a bummer, but are going to monitor him).  I was very happy to hear that there has not been any new spots and he has grown to 31.5 inches and weighs 24.2 lbs (apparently he is hitting a growth spurt). 
I was very very happy to read that he got his care package we sent back at the end of Jan.  His foster mom reported that she was liked that we sent him a car because he loves cars (that would have been the fire truck - if he loves cars, I can't wait till he gets the next care package we are getting ready to send).  Mason picked him out a little silver car plus a Cars sippy cup - the cool thing is that was before we knew he liked cars. It is sooo cool to hear what he likes and that him and my son share the same interest.  He will love his new room it is decorated in Cars characters (including the curtains).
We are waiting on pictures they are going to send of him getting his gifts - can't wait to post them.  I have been patiently waiting for pictures of him with his care package items.  This is such an answer to what might seem like a minor prayer, but it comforts me that he is getting his care packages and learning who we are.  That package had a book we made of the time since we knew he was our son to Jan. (pictures and all of us speaking - so he can learn our voices and see our faces).
On a last note, I did talk to the placing agency today to see what the hold on EPs did to our projected travel date (if anything).  She told me we are still on target for August to September.  That was such a blessing to hear, but we are still praying we will travel before our other kids start school!  As I have said before, I rest in the fact that Jacob will arrive when he is suppose too.  Continue to pray for our little guy - we can't wait to get him home!

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