Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bump in the Road

Really hoping that the latest news we are hearing is not going to effect Jacob's arrival in our family. Unfortunately for me, I heard this news on FB.  The post was stating that exit permits were on hold in South Korea.  If you don't know what an exit permit is it is what our little Jacob needs from South Korea to allow him to leave the country (and this is what all orphans are waiting on to get to their forever families).  Our agency confirmed this news today - but we still don't know what it means for Jacob's arrival home.  Please pray it does not delay him coming home - we are already very sad that he will probably be 2 by the time he joins our family.  Pray he stays healthy and continues to thrive and do really well and that his foster mom is working with him on who we are.  We feel so blessed to have her with him - especially since not all children waiting in South Korea are in foster care (he is very blessed to have her in his life and it is wonderful that he is living in a family until he can join his forever family).  We will definitely do something very special for her when we go to pick Jacob up (we can't wait to meet her - we pray for her daily too).

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