Monday, February 20, 2012

Care Package #3 - clothing for Jacob

I've had people ask me what I spend my time doing while we wait on bringing Jacob home.  I love creating care packages for him, living life as a family of 4, and finding ways to cut costs and living leaner.  I know I just created care package # 2 back in January, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to bless our little guy with some new clothes while he waits on us.  So, with a 30% off coupon in hand and already highly discounted items (70-80% off) - I did some shopping for Jacob.  I got some awesome deals (nothing like $3 shirts and pants plus an additional 30% off - YIPPY).  As you can see, we got Jacob some really nice shirts and pants and even a pair of pjs with monkeys (can't wait for him to get them - maybe he won't have to wear anymore girly items while he waits on us).  The question my husband kept asking was can all this fit in a gallon ziplock bag - I told him absolutely with the right squeezing out of air and patience.  I was right - it all fit but 1 shirt (which we'll save for him when he gets here).  Anyway, this was such a simple thing we could do and a great family activity (everyone picked items out - which was very sweet)!

That is all the clothing cleaned and ready to go into the ziplock bag and head to Korea!

In the bag and ready to ship!

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