Sunday, August 5, 2012

Really - More documents?

Good thing my husband and I were looking at his computer tonight - urgent e-mail came to his mailbox about us needing to sign and send back a document for the State Department that Korea requested concerning vaccinations for our little guy when he gets home.  Really, people - more documents!!!  Yuck - I'm definitely feeling the stress of waiting now.  Enough is enough - get us on a plane and let us bring our little guy home.  Please pray the call comes this week (would be so sweet)!!!  The kicker on that e-mail is that our social worker had been told to send all e-mails to me - due to my husband working so much that he sometimes doesn't see all the e-mails that are dealing with adoption (but I do).  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!  Oh well, God knows what is going on and why - we just pray that we will be on a plane this week or by the weekend by the latest (come on Travel Call)!
On side note - we were watching a documentary on the universe (since our daughter is interested in the solar system).  While watching it I pointed out South Korea on the Earth for our kids.  As the documentary continued it went further and further out into space (where you couldn't even see the Earth but just distant stars).  Our son began to cry and ask where Jacob was.  He was so worried that some how the documentary was real and Jacob disappeared!  It was so sad to see Mason cry (he was really upset) but so sweet to see how much he loves his brother he has never meet.  Can't wait to see these 2 become buddies!  Will be so sweet.
Come on TC - phone ring please this week!!!


  1. Praying it happens this week!!!!!

  2. Thanks as you can see from todays post alot going on call did not come but will in God's perfect timing so all is good! :-)