Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gotcha Day

Well, September 6, 2012 was our Gotcha Day for Jacob.  Our day started by us just taking it easy then we headed to Eastern to serve in the Baby House.  Unfortunately, we underestimated our train ride and only got 30 minutes with the babies - but that will be 30 minutes we will never forget!  It really breaks your heart to see 60+ babies (some 2 to 3 in makeshift cribs).  They are crying and just wanting human touch and affection.  They are so low on staff that some babies even had bottles balanced in their crib to help feed them.  Crushes your heart to know that Jacob was here for a period of time.  The babies were so sweet - you just wanted to take them home with you.

After we finished there we were off to take custody of Jacob.  The meeting started with 30 minutes of play and we got to meet the foster mom's daughter-in-law and her two kids.  They also proceeded to give us all kinds of food, snacks, and gifts.  It was so sweet.  They also gave Brian an energy drink (guess she knew he would need it to keep up with Jacob).

Before we left the play room we left for a prayer at the front door of Eastern and he took my hand (we thought, wow, this is going to be easier than we thought).  When the prayer was over everything just happened really fast.  He said his goodbyes while the Eastern social worker told us to get in the van then she quickly told us bye and handed Jacob to me and shut the door.  He was okay until we started to drive away and then the grieving began.  It was hard to watch, but understandable (he loved her and she loved him).  We both held it together but I couldn't look back at the foster mom (because I was on the edge of tears).  My husband said she was smiling as we left (I'm sure being strong for Jacob).  I did have to quickly pass Jacob to Brian because he was grieving so bad (he is so strong).  Before the ride was over, he was asleep (thank goodness - so we looked normal entering the hotel).

After that he woke and cried another 3 hours and called for his foster mom then back to sleep again.  As hard as it was, my husband and I just took turns holding and loving him.  It was during that time we requested prayer from some of friends.  The most amazing thing happened when Jacob woke up (keep in mind these awesome individuals were praying from midnight on here in the US).  He sat up and played with me then we ordered room services (traditional Korean meal) and we all ate together on the bed.  It was such a precious memory.  Then we just went to bed and got up the next day for the airport.  There were no more tears from there on.  I'm telling you, the power of prayer is amazing - God provided and knew exactly what we needed and what Jacob needed.

Jacob was awesome on the plane - he loved it.  He sat in Brian's lap the entire trip and watched Korean cartoons and ate and slept (it was so sweet to watch).  When we arrived in Nashville, some of our amazing friends were there to greet us.  Jacob was so sweet with them.  He shared his snacks with everyone there and had a conversation with our friend Derek in Korean (so sweet - his face lit up when someone could really speak Korean to him).

The introduction to the car seat did not go very well though and we just decided to do what we had to do to get home.  I held him in my lap and we just prayed if we got pulled over the officer would understand, but we didn't have any problems.

He loves his siblings.  They have been playing and laughing and having a great time (they love him so much).  He started calling my husband Mommy and Daddy in Korean and he loves seeing all his pictures in our house (believe it made him feel more at home).  He loves animals and him and the dog seem to understand each other (he can put her in her place and she is a big dog).  He put a snack in his mouth yesterday to get the dog to kiss him (so no fear).

I just wish we could put all he has done on this post, but there is so much.  He is an amazing little boy who has the best heart - so kind and loves to share.  He is also so quiet.  Yesterday we took him out for the first time for some groceries and he finally accepted the car seat (a little crying but then he was like let's go).  He loved being in the grocery cart.  That trip really helped me see that I can get out with 3 kids and survive (yes, Brian was with me on this trip, but at 1 point he walked away and we were alone - it was doable).

He has really started to bond with me - which is awesome (when you have waited for this child for 14+ months).  He looks for me and when I'm not there he gets really upset.  Bottom line, we are so glad he is in our lives - Korea taught me a lot and Jacob is teaching me tons.  We will miss Korea and can't wait to go back to see his foster family in hopefully 5 years.  We are still eating Korean and did find out that he loves pizza tonight (he wanted a whole piece to himself.  We all love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow (God has special plans for this little guy - he is our miracle number 3)!  We are now a family of 5 - feels so good to finally have everyone here and safe.

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  1. Oh Priscilla, this is so awesome to read about!!! Through tears I might add! Congratulations, he is absolutely beautiful and so special. I am so happy for you guys, what a beautiful story of adoption, I pray it continues to get better and better as he feels more and more a part of your precious family. :)