Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First week Home - family of 5!

Well, we have been a family of 5 for a little over 1 week now.  So far so good.  Jacob is adjusting better than expected.  He calls my husband and I the Korean names for Mom and Dad, he loves his siblings and the family dog, and he does not seem to be afraid of anything!  We have taken him to the grocery, church, and a marriage conference.  Jacob fits our family so well.  He loves cars, spicy food, and going out and about.  It is like he has been here forever. 

He is a sweet kind little boy with a big heart (loves sharing his snacks - he proved that when we arrived at the airport with wonderful friends to greet us.  He greeted them by handing out snacks to everyone present.  He has even been sleeping through the night (a few bumps trying to adjust with going to bed at crazy hours, but now we are on schedule.  He was a very lucky little boy who had a wonderful foster mom - she did an amazing job with him!

Our family has been trying to slowly get him adjusted.  We started by sleeping on the floor with him and now we all sleep together in our bed (for now).  Now, he is starting to get interested in his bed - the last 2 nights he has been laying there for 10 mins or so - he wants to be like big brother and big sister.  We ate on the floor until a few nights ago - as they do in Korea.  Now, he is at the table with the family.  He wasn't a big fan of the car seat to begin with but when he found out that you go places when you ride in that seat he is now a big fan.  He loves loves loves being outside (as you will see in the pictures below).  His diet hasn't changed much - still feeding him Korean with chop sticks (which seems to make him very happy).  We are trying to expose him to other foods, but so far just Korean or fruits and veggies (healthy little guy).

Overall, he is adjusting very well.  He is a healthy active little boy.  We are all so in love in with him - welcome to America Jacob! 

In his car seat - yes, it is purple, was big sister's (I will get a new cover soon).

 Riding his 4-wheeler that someone at Brian's work got him (he loves it)!

Him in his bed testing it out!

Going for a run outside!

Playing at the sand table with his brother and sister!

Stacking blocks with big brother!


  1. He looks SOOO happy!!! What a precious, beautiful smiling boy he is! I know he is as much of a blessing to you all as your sweet family is to him!!!!!

  2. Thanks Ginny he is a sweet sweet boy cant wait for you to meet him.

  3. Thanks Ginny he is a sweet sweet boy cant wait for you to meet him.