Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day two...

It's actually the beginning of day three - but we were wiped out last night after a lot of walking and tons of RAIN.  We were caught in what felt like a monsoon on the way back to the hotel (shoes, pants soaked even with our umbrellas). Before I go into detail of day 2, below is a video from our first meeting with Jacob:

And a pic of him playing with Brian:

We started the day by heading to the National Museum of Korea. The Museum was massive and amazing (pictures cannot even do it justice, which is ok as they wouldn't let you take them inside).  We loved the Pagoda Garden that was outside.  It was such a relaxing walk and the craftsmanship amazing.

Other things on the walk included some of the following pictures below:

A sweet Japanese couple took our picture and we in turn took theirs

Thought this was interesting - an outside gym in the middle of the garden

The museum is a must see - didn't post any pictures but you get a lot info about the culture and their heritage - plus there is an amazing authentic Korean restrurant in the Museum (food was amazing).

Next, we headed out to see Cheonggyecheon Stream.  This is suppose to be a relaxing area to walk, but due to the rain starting they had it closed to the public (below is a picture):

After leaving Cheonggyecheon Stream we went to Namdaemun Market for some shopping.  I picked Jacob up some Pororo Peguin cars to play with and me some comfy $7 shoes.

As you can see - just about whatever you might want (fabric, clothing, shoes, toys, meats, etc).  It was amazing to see how many little shops were in this area.

Upon leaving Namdaemun, we headed to Shinsegae Department Store  (which was a good place to go during what we thought might me just a little rain).  Shinsegae was amazing.  It's a very high end department store with a full grocery on the bottom level.  They had all the luxury brands - Prada, Gucci, Coach, etc. 


The funny thing is when we left Shinsegae to try to go back to our hotel, we got caught in this loop that became so not funny by the time we finally found the subway system.  We entered what we thought was a subway entrance to only be caught up in more underground shopping.  The subways are Very deep underground...

Finally, we past by the world cup stadium on the way home.

So now we start day 3.  Off to see Gyeongbok Palace and Seoul Tower.  More to come - we love, love, love Jacob's homeland.  The people are so nice here and the food is great.  Tomorrow is the huge day when he leaves foster mom to go home with us... We are so excited and so nervous.

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