Friday, October 19, 2012

6 weeks

Today marks 6 weeks home for Jacob.  He continues to amaze us with how well he is doing.  A few days ago he began allowing me to nap with him (was so sweet and a huge step).  He also began last night wanting to give hugs to me and Brian.  I know these things seem so simple but they are huge (it's like watching your baby take their first steps - so exciting)!  He knows his new name and can tell you where his brother and sister are and what their names are plus he is learning English by leaps and bonds.  He has really bonded with both siblings but especially his big brother now.  There is a special bond between the two of them.  Life is going great for us!  Jacob even went to vote with me yesterday-he slept through our entire little 15 minute wait to vote (wasn't bad at all).  Life is good-he is such a blessing to our family.  He is a special little guy!  Below are some recent pictures (enjoy)...
Playing at the lego table at Barnes and Noble

Nothing like voting


Going for a run

Helping decorate for Halloween/Fall (he is almost as big as our pumpkin guy)

Being silly with his brother

Getting ready to dig

Playing with friends at the park

Sliding with big sister

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