Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is coming...

So, Jacob experienced his first Thanksgiving.  He seemed to love the turkey but not much more than that.  For our family, we did our normal 1 day trip to see family then home.  The only new experience for us was that I cooked a huge breakfast like I do for Christmas.  I know, Thanksgiving-why are you cooking breakfast?  I figured if we fill up on the first meal of the day then we won't be so stuffed at the other meals like usual.  I believe it worked-we ate normal portions at our other meals and didn't feel so stuffed.  And, no we did not go black Friday shopping.  I perfer to shop via Amazon from my home-no line, no pushing, and no fuss.  :-)

Next day we got our Christmas lights and tree up and packages wrapped.  I like to have it all done so I can enjoy the holidays with no stress.  I will say this has been the earliest I have put the tree up and wrapped packages, but it felt good to know nothing but cards are left.

Jacob is also recovering from his first sickness (he got an ear infection).  No fun but we are getting through it.  So glad he has been well for 3 months and hope he's health continues to be so well.

We also got to recently help with our church's adoption Sunday this year and share some details of our journey with the body.  Looking back it was just a year ago when I found out our wait would be longer.  Now Jacob is here and doing great!  It is like he had always been here.  Can't wait till Christmas (this Mom has great plans for my kids' gift this year - believe they will love it).  More to come soon...

Enjoying his favorite outing - Sweet CeCe's

Playing with Thomas the train

Trip to Opry Mills - nothing like visiting the Rain Forest Cafe hippo

The kids with our new Christmas tree (they loved decorating it)

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