Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We've Been Doing

Well, after vacation we got back into summer here at home and having a blast!  I have been working with all 3 kids on their skills for school next year (even though Jacob will be here with me, he got to work on his skills too) and playing hard outside as much as possible (swing set, rocks, sand - you name it, they will play with it).  We have also been having fun with friends and family (Jacob got to go to his first wedding-one of his favorite babysitters).  One of the most awesome things we did that I didn't know how it would go was a mid day movie at the local cinema.  We watched Smurfs and I survived with all 3 kids by myself (even carrying popcorn, drinks).  It was very relaxing on a hot summer day to just chill in the theater while the kids enjoyed their food and movie.  Now, we are getting ready for the 4th, both boys' birthdays this month, and various other birthdays and celebrations throughout July.  Another good news item is that Jacob got his TN birth certificate finally so now we can file for his certificate of citizenship (almost finished - yippy).  Overall, life is good and we are having fun fun fun!  3 has been an adjustment, but very very doable.  Love all 3 of my children and can't imagine life without them (they are each special in their own way)!  Below are some pictures of what we've been doing (enjoy):
 Our kids dressed up for the wedding

 At the kids' table (they loved it)

 Jacob being silly
 Hugging the bride

 Hanging with Pa

 Wiped out

 Bring on the fireworks

 Enjoying the fireworks at home

 Brothers taking a break to play with rocks

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