Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthdays and More

Since the last post, a lot has been going on.  July has been a very busy month.  We have had 4 birthdays during this month in our family.  Since this was Jacob's first birthday here in America, we didn't know what he would think about it.  Needless to say, he has loved it (especially cupcakes)!  Our little guy turned 3 this past Friday and we made sure celebrate all day long.  We went out and got a McDonald's Happy Meal for lunch, shopping for his present at Toys'rus, and finishing the day out with homemade chicken Japchae and a cupcake.  He also got to celebrate with his brother at Mema's earlier this month with a Super Hero theme (that he loved) and a Ice Cream party with his brother here at home with friends and family.  It was so cute when he woke up on his birthday and he told me he was 3 and showed me with his hand.  He also decided a few days ago to be potty trained (YIPPY)!!!  So far so good - no accidents for the past 4 days.  We also got both boys into their newly restored big boy beds (which use to be their Daddy's bunk beds) with their bedding from Aunt Amy.  They also got to help decorate the room and they love their new big boy bedroom!  So as school is approaching we are finishing out July with full speed ahead.   

All 3 kids helped sand and paint (they loved helping and did a great job) 

Painting (doing a good job kids)!

The boys' new beds and redesigned room

Trying on his Hanbok (fits really well now) 

Sprinkler Time at his birthday party 

Cars - his favorite kind of toys 

Happy Birthday Boys (my 5 and 3 year olds)!

 Loves the gift he got at ToysRus (Batmobile with Batman)

 Japchae (yum)

 Happy Birthday little guy

Enjoying cupcakes at a friend's party

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