Friday, February 8, 2013

Final docs mailed

Well, we mailed our final documents and checks yesterday for court and birth certificates.  Now we wait on a court date to finalize everything in March we hope.  We are so excited and cannot believe this whole adoption is almost complete.  To celebrate I made Jacob some of his favorite foods and he really enjoyed it.  I plan on having tons of Korean dishes once we are 100% final-can we say big party that day (believe it is the most we can give him since he celebrated 2 birthdays in Korea)!!!

Here is the latest on our little guy...  His English has took off (and I mean took off - he talks all the time), he is loving his CBS class and Sunday school, loves his family, has an amazing relationship with the family dog, and is just an all around clown (loves to make people laugh).  He is a happy happy little guy.  It is very hard to not smile when around him.  We love him so much!  He was definitely worth the long wait!

Now as we wait on a set court date, I'll leave you with some pictures...
 What a playroom looks like during the Super Bowl with 4 busy boys!

 Very happy with his lunch (especially that Kimchi)!

Out on a nice warm day in his cozy coupe

Going for a sledding with dad pulling

Going for a slide in the snow

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