Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post Placements Complete!!!

Well, as of Jan. 23 2013 - our post placements for Jacob are complete.  Now we wait on the lawyer we hired to give us a court date in March to finalize Jacob's adoption.  Yippy!  Almost finished and Jacob will be a US Citizen and officially ours forever!!!

Life with Jacob has been a fun trip.  It is like he has always been here.  He just started speaking English in the last few weeks (almost like he was waiting to get the English language perfect before speaking-now he says everything).  He loves to follow his brother around and repeat what he says (it is so cute)!   He is so unbelievably fun and expressive.  He does have a very strong will, but loves to laugh (that strong will will take him far in the future).

Life with 3 has been difficult at times, but we are making it work.  I am starting to feel human again (like having a new baby - there is a period where you don't know your name or what day of the week it is or when you ate or showered last, hehehe).  Jacob has started allowing us to leave him in his class at church on Sunday and at CBS on Fridays for 2 hours (a much needed Mommy break with other fellow women and God's word).  Those little breaks plus finally a date night with my husband and life looks good.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My kids are growing up and all is going well.  Plus my amazing husband has decided to help me with the grocery shopping on the weekends (which has helped alot).  I am now finding time to deep clean areas of the house during the day due to not having grocery shopping to worry about.  We now make grocery shopping a weekend family outing.  Everyone helps out (kids help get the groceries and unload the cart plus they assist with putting everything up).  I know that seems strange, but they really like to grocery shop.  Been neat to see our family work as a team.  We actually got a free whole chicken this last week at Publix (which is Jacob's favorite food).  :-)  The things that make you smile as a family are so different than when we were with no kids.  I can't imagine a life without my little joys.  Each and everyone of them are special in their own ways and I thank God everyday for Him allowing me to be their Mom.

Below are a few pictures of the last few months (enjoy)...
He loves his Mommy!

 Helping Daddy

Nothing like pillows

Running in Jan. (an unusually warm day)

Rocking the hat his foster mom gave him before we left Korea

 My very expressive little man with his "J" monkey he loves so much

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