Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween and more...

Well, another holiday has come and gone and the kids are getting so big!  The boys really enjoyed being Power Rangers for Halloween (Mason red and Jacob blue) and my girl and I rocked the Little Mermaid costumes (which my kids thought was so silly that Mommy dressed up - Dad also had an Ironman shirt).  This year was really different!  A big storm came on Halloween which messed up trick-or-treating for alot of kids.  We decided to trick-or-treat at my aunt's house in Nashville and the local Publix grocery had a Halloween event that night (with each department having games and candy or even face painting - nice way to spend a very wet and stormy night).  We also went on the night our city said would be Halloween (which was the next night).  The kids had so much candy - grand total of 10 pounds all together.  Of course, who can eat that much candy so we decided to do the great candy buy back at a Pediatric dentist office (that is where they weight your candy and either pay you for the candy $1 a lb or give you a gift then ship the candy to the troops over seas for them to have a snack).  My oldest and youngest chose a very cute water bottle but my middle child picked the money ($2.50) so he could go put that with his piggy bank money and buy a toy he has wanted for so long (Big Bang Trigger Happy).  So a win win overall.  The kids did select a bag full of candy to keep that they will eat in probably until next year (you know, the good stuff - Kit Kat's, Reece's peanut butter cups, etc).  Overall, a very fun and memorable Halloween.  Now, bring on the turkey.  :-)

Water bottles from the Candy give away

 The small bags they selected for themselves

Big piles of candy (to take to Candy give away and keep)

 Trick-or-treating with friends

 Check out Jacob's face painting

Getting some blue paint

Her little butterfly face paint

My girl getting her face painted

Power Rangers doing some shopping

Me and the kids with my aunt
Power Rangers and Mermaid ready to trick-or-treat

My silly Mermaid

Nets at the zoo 

 Petting a Kangaroo

Kids with their pumpkin

Carving our 50 lb beast pumpkin 

 Getting the insides out of the pumpkin

 Time to punch glow holes

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