Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finally Final

Today we went before a judge and Jacob's adoption was finalized!  It was such a great day - Jacob had on a suit (he looked so cute).  We had a few really good friends join us in court who helped with pictures and entertaining Jacob.  The entire process took maybe 10 minutes and then everything was finished.

So what is next you say...  Well, now we wait on his new birth certificate and adoption decree to come back then we can apply for his certificate of citizenship and social security number.  Can't believe we began this process 22 months ago and now he is officially a Hogue.

I don't think he knew what was going on, but we will have pictures to show him when he is older and we did have a flag flown over the US capitol today in honor of this day (he will also have that as a reminder).  Such a special day and so glad that is behind us...

 Jacob hanging out with Mr. Derek

Jacob trying to share his Korean snacks with the Judge (don't think he is interested) 

Jacob with the Judge and Mommy and Daddy

Everyone who was there

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