Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fundraising & New Pictures

As I write this - I am amazed and so thankful.  We have had a few things happen in just the last 2 days that have been so cool.  Yesterday, we were getting ready to turn our t-shirt orders in and found a last minute order for 9 shirts.  It was such a sweet surprise because it helped bring the grand total of shirts sold to 55.  So drum roll please - total made on shirts $400.  Our overall fundraising efforts has brought in right at $1,500 dollars (which believe it or not pays for almost all the things we didn't plan for when looking to adopt from South Korea).  Our God is so good - he knows exactly what we need when we need it (I'm continuing to be blown away by Him on a daily basis *it is so sweet*).
More good news.  We finally got new pictures of Jacob.  It was so nice to see his face again (1 of his new pictures is above).  Just eased my fears and made me feel good that we saw him in these pictures.  He looks great - apparently is developing right on target.  For now, these pictures is what we have until we can bring him home - but it was such a blessing to finally see something after a 3 month wait.  Thank you Lord so much for these sweet pictures.  Who couldn't love this little guy? 

For those following us, please pray we won't be anxious and that we understand Jacob will arrive home in God's perfect timing.  That Jacob will continue to grow and develop normally.  That we will be able to bring him home soon and that Jacob will bond quickly to our family (like he has always been with us).  That he is safe and well loved while not with us.  I won't lie - it is hard knowing you have a son somewhere else that you can't comfort him when he is sick or hurt or love on when he is getting ready for bed.  I know one day soon though he will be here with us - so we rejoice in the pictures and the updates we have for now.

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